What is a Combination Resume?

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Combination Resume

What is a combined resume and when should I use it? For those who want to emphasize their skills in their work experience, merging resumes is the ideal choice.

The combined resume can be used to show employers your most relevant skills, qualifications and experience while still recording your work experience. This resume format is also a good way to answer readers about career changes, job vacancies and other danger signals that may arise.

You may have recently changed your career, and many of your work experiences no longer reflect your career direction. Professionals are now changing career fields at an unprecedented rate, seeking salary growth, better benefits or better job security.

You may also find yourself looking for a job when you are unemployed, or the job gap on your resume is large. In this case, the merged resume will enable you to highlight what you can do now rather than what you did in the past. This can help you overcome the general prejudice of employers about hiring workers with job gaps.

What is a Combination resume?

A comprehensive resume first lists your skills and qualifications. Your work history is sorted in reverse chronological order (starting with your current or most recent work and then returning to your previous position).

When to use

This format usually provides candidates with the best of both worlds. They want to display their resume in a functional format, emphasizing their skills and qualifications, but the employer instructs them to include work experience. This format is a good compromise for those who want to avoid chronological traditional resumes because of job irrelevance or employment gaps.

What is included in the Combination resume

It is usually divided into two parts:

The first part is similar to a functional resume, which emphasizes skills, achievements and qualifications.

The second part shows the schedule of a person’s work experience.

The design first attracts the attention of employers or recruiters by highlighting the applicant ’s key skills and abilities in the “Qualification Summary”, and then supports this introduction section by introducing previous work experience.

Qualification summaries are also a good place to add resume keywords. These keywords will help your resume pass the automatic candidate tracking system and pass the initial review in the eyes of the hiring manager.

It may be particularly effective to divide the description of work experience into “relevant work experience” and “other professional experience” in this format. This allows you to focus the reader ’s attention on the most relevant experience while providing a complete work history.

View examples and download templates

View examples of merged resumes, and then download a template that can be used to create your own resume.

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