SHC seeks Karachi air crash probe report by June 25

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SHC seeks Karachi air crash probe report by June 25

Karachi: The Sindh High Court ordered Friday that the authorities should send the investigation result of the June 25 crash of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) aircraft near Karachi Airport.

The judges of the two judges, led by Judge Mohammad Ali Mazhar, learned that the investigation is ongoing and the Federal Government has decided to issue an investigation report, which is likely to be completed on June 22.

After the ATR plane crashed near Abbottabad, a petition was filed in 2016, and the petitioner requested an investigation into several plane crashes, including one in 2016.

After the plane crash in Karachi, the petitioner filed a request for an urgent hearing of the petition.

PTA requires precautions to preserve the data of mobile phone users

He also made a mixed request, pointing out that a PIA aircraft carrying 99 people crashed on May 22 in a residential area near Karachi Airport, killing 97 passengers and crew, and only two miraculously survived. .

He sought instructions from PIA to land all aircraft immediately.

The bank pointed out that the main request was about the crash of the plane in 2016, and the petitioner said that the AIA plane should be landed by PIA. The report never revealed the reason for the crash.

In addition, he said that the last resolution of this matter was on March 17, when the Director of Aviation Division submitted a temporary report through the Section Chief and the Director of General Airworthiness based on the justification notice. registered.

On Friday, a deputy attorney general said that an investigation into the Karachi plane crash was ongoing and the federal government would announce the results of the investigation on June 22.

The bank noted that for this limited purpose, a copy of the most recent request has been delivered to the Assistant Attorney General so that he can submit the results of the incident investigation report by the next date.

Federal law enforcement officials further stated that no responsibility should be changed unless the investigation report has been submitted to the appropriate competent authority.

The matter was postponed until the 25th.

After taking off Chitral from Chitral on December 7, 2016, after the PIA flight to Islamabad crashed near Havilian, the petitioner Iqbal Kazmi transferred the SHC, including 47 passengers and crew (including passengers who were transferred by singer) Junaid Jamshed And his wife were killed. .

The petitioner argued that in the implementation of PIA, the Civil Aviation Administration and other agencies’ responses, several incidents occurred, and that the PIA’s ATR plane crashed, causing the loss of many valuable lives.

In addition, he argued that after such incidents in the past, the constitutional obligation of the Cabinet Secretary, the Director General of the Civil Aviation Administration and the President of the International Airport Association was to stop buying “outdated” aircraft, use them and endanger the lives of passengers and passengers. crew.

He requested a judicial investigation to determine the responsibilities of the officials concerned, deal with them, and ordered compensation for the legal heirs of the accident victims.

Protect the data of mobile device users.

The same bank on Friday ordered the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) to take all necessary precautions to preserve the data of mobile users.

The bank heard a request to investigate reports of 115 million Pakistani mobile phone user data breaches and their sales on the dark web.

Last Friday, PTA cybersecurity investigators requested time to comment.

In addition, he said that PTA is already conducting an investigation and the report will be completed soon.

The bank instructed him to submit the report and all necessary precautions that PTA can take to save the data of the mobile device user.

The petitioner ’s defense lawyer Tariq Mansoor told the court that it is considering the Citizen Protection (Prevention of Online Damage) Act 2020 and the Data Protection Act 2020, but has not yet enacted appropriate legislation . .

The Deputy Attorney General asked for time to comment, and the bank asked him to report to him on the federal legislative measures on this issue at the next hearing.

FIR appeals against the Minister of Aviation and others

On Friday, the district court ordered SHO’s Cologne model to investigate the request for registration, which was directed against the accident of Minister of Aviation Ghulam Sarwar Khan, PIA principal Arshad Malik and its main engineering officer PK-8303, our employee reporter added.

Judge Khalid Hussain Shahani also ordered the police to submit a detailed report on the matter on June 2.

Attorney Qadir Khan Mandokhel had asked to address SSP-East and SHO to retain his aviation minister, PIA head and other personnel because they were suspected of negligently inspecting the aircraft before allowing Its flying.

He claimed that the Minister of Aviation, President of PIA, Chief Engineer, Ground Engineer and other staff members were responsible for the tragedy.

After the accident, he filed a complaint with the model colony SHO, “The complaint is still pending and no action has been taken against the nominee.”

He said he did not have confidence in the local air crash investigation, so he will conduct a fair investigation of the incident internationally.

He added that the delayed investigation will benefit the perpetrators, so the pilot / captain ’s voicemail of the crashed aircraft, his black box, digital mailbox and video records will be recorded and produced to ensure transparency and investigation. fair.


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