SC judge questions credentials of PM’s aide on accountability

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SC judge questions credentials of PM’s aide on accountability

Islamabad: Judge Qazi Faez Isa filed an application with the Supreme Court on Friday for the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister of the Accountability and Asset Recovery Unit, Mirza Shahzad Akbar) questioned his qualifications and the appointment of special assistants.

The request has been filed as a full court of 10 judges, which will continue its trial for three months, and the court will hear a series of questions about the June 2 submission of a letter of recommendation from President Issa .

At the last hearing on February 24, the Supreme Court ordered the federal government to hire a new lawyer who should only be fully committed to Justice Isa ’s case.

Judge Isa declared himself in the court of first instance and classified Shahzad Akbar as a “counterfeit”

Judge Isa described the ARU chairman as an “offender” in his application, questioned the criteria and procedures for hiring him, and appointed him illegal and unconstitutional. He asked whether the publication had been made public and whether it had requested it. In addition, if the President of ARU is elected by the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC), Judge Isa asked. He searched for the terms and conditions of Akbar ’s work, and also asked if he was Pakistani, foreigner or dual national.

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A senior lawyer who asked not to be named said the petitioner reserves the right to challenge appointments by requesting legal guarantees in front of the appropriate forum. However, he believes that applicants should not raise incidental questions during the hearing.

The lawyer also gave up clues, suggesting that the Minister of Justice, Dr. Farogh Naseem, may resign in case the government fails to hire, and he may have to appear in court for the first trial to represent the federal government. Without senior lawyers, if you participate, you will not need time to deal with the case.

Judge Isa claimed that because ARU had no legal basis, every rupee spent and used by the unit constituted the theft of public funds.

The petitioner also claimed that Mr. Akbar had collected information about the SC judge and his family when he began to file, but did not disclose information about him and his family, including details of his income tax and wealth status. Your income tax declaration Table, why do you want to do this. Do not disclose your property, assets and accounts, why not disclose the names of your wife and children, the nationalities of your wife and children, whether your wife and children ’s property in Pakistan belongs to you and whether you have disclosed your wife ’s property and children Item attributes are returned.

The request stated that Mr. Akbar was appointed by the Prime Minister Imran Khan as his special responsibility assistant. He claims that, paradoxically, the main area of   accountability is still the most irresponsible person in Pakistan, which is a secret hidden dilemma.

He claimed that Mr. Akbar had no special qualifications, but the Prime Minister considered it appropriate to appoint him as special assistant. Upon request, President ARU also denied the governance plan and added that the role of the special aide was to assist the prime minister, but he clearly showed that he himself led a very important part of the government.

The request stated that Mr. Akbar had the privilege, and the Special Assistant was not entitled to the privilege. He claimed that he misused the national flag, placing the national flag between the Pakistani flag, the government flag, and the photos of the country ’s founder and the rule of law.

Asked to explain that the positions of assistant to the prime minister are political positions and political appointments, and added that the special assistant to the prime minister is not in Pakistan.

He also accused Law Minister and former Attorney General Anwar Mansoor of being part of the troika, while Abdul Waheed Dogar, who wrote to President ARU It is emphasized that Justice Isa ’s alleged property abroad is the power he allegedly possessed and the power he likes to be exerted to fulfill his role in the designated script.

In the application, Judge Isa also discussed the role of the former special assistant of the Information Prime Minister Dr. Ashik Awan. Until recently, Ashik Awan was a strong pillar of the government She sponsored and launched attacks in a controlled environment. However, the irony of fate is that she was silenced by the same force. After being spurted rashly on April 27, news of her misconduct immediately surfaced.

He claimed that Anwar Mansoor, the Minister of Justice and former GA member, both supported constitutional deviations and destroyed their reliability, credibility and integrity.

The applicant also claimed that, despite being the head of state, President Dr. Alif Alvi also joined the government’s struggle. He added that the President spoke of reference materials after submitting them to the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC).

According to the request, the people involved in the attack on the Supreme Court judge had destroyed their credibility with their own hands and exposed their maliciousness, adding that the petitioner did not make more statements and believed that the facts had been registered. The facts are enough to make the petition unyielding.


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