Rs20bn allocated for anti-locust operation, says Imam

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Rs20bn allocated for anti-locust operation, says Imam

Islamabad: Syed Fakhr Imam, Minister of National Food Security and Research, announced on Friday that Rs 200 crore has been allocated under the annual development plan to control the farming of lobsters in almost half of the region Here comes the troublesome lobster. country.

Imam, after presiding over the second meeting of the National Lobster Control Center, spoke to media personnel on Friday, saying that the federal government will contribute 9.7 billion rupees, and the rest will be shared by the provinces.

He said that because Bal Lustan was severely affected by locusts, Rs 4 crore will be allocated to the province.

He said that 1 billion rupees had been handed over to the National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA), which is conducting anti-locust operations in the country, and next month, another 1 billion rupees will be handed over to the bureau to speed up the operation.

NDMA, the Ministry of Plant Protection will inform locusts before the locust disaster

The Minister of National Food Security said the government could control lobster in the next two to three months.

This is a strange event, with large numbers of locusts in East Africa attacking crops in large numbers, He says.

In preparations for the federal and provincial governments to meet the challenges, Imam said that the coordination between them is generally good.

He said that the newly established National Locust Control Center will issue weather forecasts and provide advance information to the NDMA and plant protection departments before locusts move out.

He said that the government hopes to establish such centers in each province in order to disseminate the predicted results of locust disaster trends to the regional and national levels.

Mr. Imam said that 100 technical experts were recruited in an emergency and the capacity of the plant protection department is increasing. The department currently has only 31 technicians.

The minister revealed that the government has placed an order for an ultra-low-volume (ULV) micro sprayer to a British company. According to NDMA, the number of 83-micron sprayers purchased has been handed over to the Office of the Pakistan High Commissioner in London. 14 sprayers will arrive in Pakistan in late June, and the rest should be delivered in July.

Mr. Imam explained that the micro plane can spray 300 acres of land in one day.

All major secretaries of the provinces and officials of the video department participated in the meeting.

According to details released by the center, a joint team of the provincial agricultural department, the Ministry of National Food Security and the Pakistan Army is conducting inspection and control operations in several affected areas. In 61 disaster-stricken areas, 1,150 joint teams carried out operations.

So far, a survey of 227,610 square kilometers has been completed, and 481,400 hectares of operations have been completed. In the past 24 hours, 3,129 square kilometers of research have been completed and operations have been conducted on 44 square kilometers.

So far, control operations have been carried out on 2,683 square kilometers in Onluchi province, 1,480 square kilometers in Punjab, 377 square kilometers in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 274 square kilometers in Sindh. Helicopters and beaver aircraft are also being sprayed in the air.


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