How to Practice for Your Interviews

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practice for interview

Now that you have selected a suitable interview team and conducted research on your organization, it is time to prepare and practice the actual interview questions.

Here are the steps you can prepare for any interview today.

List your Qualifications

Review the original job list and list job qualifications. Then list the skills and experience associated with these qualifications. This will help you answer important questions about why you are an excellent candidate for this job.

Create a list of questions and answers

List common interview questions and consider how to answer each question. Please also consider specific industry questions that may be asked of you. You can even find examples of interview questions conducted at the company on websites such as Glassdoor.

You don’t want to remember the answer word by word because it sounds very robotic during the interview. Instead, write some notes for each interview question to remember the key ideas you want to solve in each answer.

Practice, practice

The best way to prepare for an interview is to practice in an environment that is as similar as possible to the actual interview.

 Let them ask you questions from the list of interview questions you wrote. Ask them to give you constructive feedback on how you answer questions, their body language, and their professional level.

  • You can also practice by yourself.

Write interview questions on flashcards and practice answering questions in different orders. Practice looking in the mirror to answer questions. You can also record your own voice, or better record yourself. Review the images and see how you answered each question. Evaluate your body language, eye contact and intonation.

  • Create an interview space where you will practice the interview.

Go to a coffee shop or clean the kitchen table. If a friend is helping you practice, ask him to sit in front of you. Wearing interview clothing will help make the experience more authentic.

By preparing the answers to the questions, you will be more confident when entering the actual interview. You can focus on establishing contact with the interviewer without having to try to answer every question during the interview.


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